As a Divorce Attorney in NY, NJ & PA, I start off every meeting with a law client who has already been served with a Complaint for Divorce like this:

"I will do my best to try to get this done as quickly, and as inexpensively as I possibly can for you... but, I can't vo...

There used to be the time when women married for financial security.

The overwhelming majority of Breadwinners used to be men... Once Upon a Time.

Times are definitely changing now with the advent of Breadwinner Wives. In fact, it is becoming not only acceptable, but th...

In my nine-year career as an Attorney, I have met too many people who seem to have been as scarred by their divorce attorneys as they were by their ex-spouses.... it's a shame, and it's sad, because people turn to attorneys when times get tough, and they need guidance.



You may not have heard it stated quite like that, but it's very true. Having been a Public Interest Attorney for the State Government, an Associate at a Boutique Law Firm, Of Counsel to various sized Law Firms, and a Solo Practitioner... I wo...

April 14, 2017

Parenting Time is a right for most parents. Unless, there is a preponderance of the evidence that a parent has committed an act of abuse or neglect against the child, or has a history of domestic violence. Even then, a denial of parenting time is not permanent or absol...

March 11, 2017

Heroin is sweeping the nation; and deaths from heroin overdoses in the States of New York, and New Jersey are reaching epic proportions.  We also cannot forget about the abuse of alcohol, because although legal, it can have just as deadly consequences.

At this point in...

January 7, 2017

It is no secret to any practicing Family Law Attorney that Family Court can get very ugly.  It often evolves into a competition where each party frequently crosses the proverbial line in an effort to make the other party look bad.  

This is especially true wit...

December 10, 2016


Everyone has heard the story of little Caylee Anthony in Florida; and even more have heard the story of JonBenet Ramsey, a young beauty queen who was thought to be the victim of kidnapping, before her body was discovered. 

With CBS recently airing a two part series, e...

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